Vakantiepark De Ossenberg



Asking price

Vacation homeStarting at€125,750.-Excl. VAT


Number of bedrooms2
Number of bathrooms1
Number of people6
Year of construction2022
Living area45m2
Plot size250m2
Suitable for
6 persons
Construction type
New construction


At a completely renovated part of our park, five brand new sustainably built holiday homes are waiting for a new owner.

The Nearly Energy-Neutrally Built (BENG) holiday homes measure ± 45 m² and were built according to the requirements of the building code (meaning they were built according to the requirements of a newly constructed accommodation in a residential area) and are very well-insulated: the holiday home has an insulation value of 6.1.

The holiday homes are situated on large plots between the trees and by using lots of green vegetation, it looks just like your holiday home is situated in the heart of the forest. Lots of privacy, peace, relaxation and nothing but the sounds of the birds and the scents of the forest are guaranteed.

Please note!  The photos are intended to show what the holiday home made look like. The photos show the same holiday homes at holiday Park De Ossenberg but these holiday homes have already been delivered and are in use by the owners. The colors of the kitchen, for instance, may differ.

What's special is that the holiday homes are already in their place: there is currently a six-month waiting period for a newly ordered holiday accommodation.

The purchase amount includes landscaping of a highly luxurious yard and a luxurious garden house. A garden architect will design the yard in cooperation with you and will realize the yard and the parking facility.

The holiday home has large windows with double glazing which provide your accommodation with lots of natural light and the raised roof makes you feel like the holiday accommodation is even more spacious.

The luxurious kitchen is equipped with a large refrigerator with a separate freezer, a two-in-one oven, a cooker with an extractor hood, a spacious washbasin with a tilting faucet, a scratch-resistant top, mood lighting all around and all cabinets and drawers have a soft-stop system.

There are no thresholds and the complete walking surface of the holiday accommodation has a wood-look PVC laminate floor.

The bathroom is equipped with a spacious shower with glass walls, a floating toilet, design radiator, moisture extractor system, mood lighting and there is a vanity with a large mirror and various drawers and cabinets.

Both bedrooms have spacious wardrobes and mood lighting.

The holiday home is delivered including an insulated garden house which is installed on a concrete platform, has a washing/drying machine connection and mood lighting is installed in the roof. The garden house has the same color scheme as the holiday home and is made of the same sustainable materials.

The holiday home will be dug in, meaning you will not need stairs to enter the chalet.

The bottom of the chalet is clad in maintenance-free insulation panels and an air circulation system has been installed. The air circulation underneath the chalet ensures that fresh air is supplied under the chalet constantly, to make sure no mold can grow.

A luxurious canopy with LED lighting can be ordered at a surcharge. The aluminum canopy can be ordered in various colors and delivered in various sizes.

If you will rent out the holiday home, including a furniture package in your purchase is mandatory.

Please note! Permanent occupation is prohibited.



A living room
A two-person bedroom
A two-person guest room/children's room/work room
A bathroom
A luxurious kitchen



A luxurious canopy with LED lighting can be included in the order at a surcharge. The aluminum canopy can be ordered in various colors and delivered in various sizes.

A furniture package can be included in the order at a surcharge.
The luxurious furniture package is available in three color schemes:

  • Forest
  • Sahara
  • Midnight Sky


The furniture package is highly complete and your holiday home will be ready to occupy or rent out instantly.

  • Four-person luxurious furniture package including a large TV with a TV cabinet, dining room table with luxurious hairs, wall clock, wall photo/paintings, luxurious rugs, lounge seat, standing/hanging lamps etc.
  • Four-person box-spring beds including luxurious mattresses, nightstands with lighting on them etc.
  • Four-person yard furniture set with a spacious yard table including yard chairs and a large parasol standing on a foot.

Please note: there are no curtains.


Extra information

This beautiful holiday home is very suitable for private use, but is also interesting for letting or a combination of the two. In case you would like to use the home yourself and have it rented out during the periods when you are not using it, it is possible to have everything taken care of for you. The park arranges the complete rental process of the home, such as the advertising campaigns, bookings, checking in and out, cleaning and pretty much everything involved in the rental process.

In order to take care of all of this for you, the park will ask for 25-30% of the rental revenues and the remaining 70-75% will be paid out to you monthly. You will also receive a code that allows you to log in to the park's website. This way, you can always check when and for how much your holiday home has been rented out. You can also block the periods when you want to use the home yourself here. You can do this as often as you want.


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